Picture Windows

Vinyl picture windows are large, non-operating windows that provide a clear view of your outside surroundings. They act like picture frames for your outside scenery, giving rise to the name, picture window.

You may choose to replace a combination window (two windows side-by-side) with a single picture window. This will add a more contemporary look to your home and give you an expansive view of the scenery outside.

Vinyl picture windows are not made to open or close, making them one of the most energy efficient windows available. It is much more difficult for air and moisture to penetrate a sealed window than one that is meant to be opened and closed. In addition, an inoperable window is a smart choice for people who have allergies and must minimize airborne contaminants entering their home.

Window Plus Picture Windows Offer Many Choices

Window Plus Picture Windows come loaded with options that help you customize them to your climate and the look of your home.