Home Pro USA

Home Pro USA is a DBA (doing business as) of Window Plus Inc.. Due to the extended Product offereings from Window Plus, it has been decided to market a new name that is more in line with the total product offerings now available.

The Name came about mostly because we were looking for an 800 vanity number and domain to match, helping with our long term marketing strategy plans. After approximately 7 years and a great deal of time looking for such a combination we were finally happy to discover the domain name Home Pro USA and the 800 vanity number 844-4HOMEPRO.

Home Pro USA is serviced by the same group of qualified professional employee's that the customers of Window Plus have come to appreciate and highly recommend over the past 27 years of growth and service.

By clicking on the link below you may browse the Window Plus web site that includes among other's a history page and many customer testimonials for your review.

Thank you for your consideration we look forward to your call. Please call us at 844 4 HOMEPRO.

Ron Carrier
Window Plus Inc.